Meadow Creek Ranch Inn

Yosemite in Late Summer

Yosemite in Late Summer

One of the things we enjoy the most about living in the Sierra Mountains is seeing the seasonal changes in the flora and fauna.  We see wildlife all year long at Meadow Creek Ranch Bed and Breakfast.

Here, in mid August, the creek is dry, the grasses have turned to a golden brown, the evenings are warm and the air is hazy from the inevitable fires caused by summer lightning.  Deer are abundant and every small animal is trying to avoid the heat while preparing for the coming winter.  Soon we will have the fall migration of tarantulas, as the big hairy spiders cross roads boldly to seek out a mate.

This time of year the tourists begin to thin out as school starts and visiting Yosemite can be quite pleasurable with fewer people around.  This is the time of year when you want to head to the high country to enjoy the cool higher elevations.

The upper Merced river is still enjoyable this time of year and the water levels are perfect for swimming as the currents and chill have been tempered by the heat.